About Us: Our History

GameBeat Studios, LLC was founded in April of 1998 by Darryl S. Duncan. Darryl is a veteran songwriter/producer with several credits in the main stream music industry as a staff songwriter for Warner Brothers and A&M records. Darryl has written for and/or produced artists such as Jeffrey Osborne, Chaka Khan, EW&F, Michael Jackson, and R. Kelly to name a few. Darryl was even a solo artist himself on Motown in 1987.

awardsAfter several years in the main stream music industry, Darryl decided to transition his career into other arenas and after much research and deliberation the electronic entertainment and advertising fields were the industries that Darryl had his eye on. Darryl was then hired by Electronic Arts to establish and run the audio department at EA Florida. As Audio director, lead composer & sound designer. Darryl was responsible for much of the audio in some of EA’s best selling sports game titles. After 3 years with EA, Darryl then decided it was time to step out on his own and thus GameBeat Studios was born. GameBeat’s game credits include John Madden Football, Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon, Dance Dance Revolutions and The Sims just to name a few.  GameBeat’s main offices are located in the Chicago area.

Our steady growth over the last few years has allowed us to expand our list of services thus expanding the type of clients we serve. GameBeat not only services the Video Game industry but today the vast majority of our clients are now in the advertising and marketing industries.  Our portfolio includes several high profile product campaign produced for a number of general market and multi-cultural market agencies across the country.

We now have 7 full time employees that make up the GameBeat team. We also tap into the vast pool of experienced and skilled freelance musician and vocal talent in the Chicago area when needed.  We utilize the very latest in audio hardware and software tools and insist on remaining on the cutting edge of music production technology to provide our clients the best music, sound effects, voice over and post production services possible.

We feel that we control our own destiny as a company.  We firmly believe that with high quality music production services, solid work ethics, high moral business standards, and good ole fashion prayer, there are absolutely no limits to what we can and will achieve.

What People Are Saying About GameBeat Studios

  • The music you created for the Wal-Mart Dorm spot was excellent. Actually, I think it took it to the top. Only so much I can do when editing picture, but your music cues helped give the spot character. In sales speak, your music closed the deal. Thanks for making the job a whole lot easier. Alaric Martin - Video Editor - KI Edit & Design - Chicago
  • GameBeat’s contribution to the Wal-Mart Voices of Color campaign played a significant role in the two Addy wins. “We gave Darryl an idea and he came back with music that blew us away!” K.H. - VP Creative Director - Ad Agency
  • What an incredible job on the Mega Millions TV commercial. Darryl, you “absolutely Nailed It”! It’s not often in this business that the music matches the picture so perfectly, that no one wants to change a note. The picture took us on a roller coaster ride and so did the music. Darryl, you skillfully, intelligently and musically made a score that literally took the viewers breath away. You left the viewer clinging to each musical and emotional change. Every note seemed perfectly placed. And then you followed up the general market spot with a Hispanic piece of music with a classical guitar, for Mega Millions, that left you admiring the artistry. Wow! And when we showed the two commercials in an all agency advertising meeting, filled with skilled, toughened, advertising professionals they did the unbelievable….they erupted into spontaneous applause! What was great about working with Darryl is that he really works hard to understand conceptually where you want to go. And he is a master at helping you to get there. I applaud Darryl’s artistry. V.K. - Creative Director - Ad Agency
  • Working with Darryl has brought several things to me. One is some of the best music that I have heard in a very long time, second is his appreciation of the process in getting things done in an efficient, professional and personable manner. Lastly, I know that I can trust his word, when he tells me I’m going to have something to listen to at a particular time, it is there for me to listen to. So he’s my guy. B.S. - Producer - Ad Agency
  • GameBeat Studios are professional, good listeners, problem solvers, and innovators…ENOUGH SAID! R.H. - Vice President - Ad Agency
  • Darryl congratulations on a project well done. Out of all of my years working in this industry, I have never heard such kudos about music from creatives. Y.O. - Broadcast Manager - Ad Agency
  • GameBeat Studios is an outstanding music house that takes our musical direction and creates the sound that we are looking for in our heads as if we were making it ourselves with our very own hands. They are truly outstanding and provide musical suggestions to our pieces that stay on strategy and help make our executions flawless. E.B. - Creative Manager - Ad Agency
  • Darryl is a conceptual composer who takes every detail into consideration. Passionate, professional and progressive, GameBeat Studios has delivered top-shelf work against all genres of music on time and on budget. They always make me look better at it than I really am. Darryl and his GameBeat team represent the new wave of music scoring as far as I’m concerned. K.J. - Creative Director - Ad Agency
  • Nothing but love for the guys at GameBeat! They are the most professional, talented, and down to earth crew you will ever meet. Darryl is a joy to work with, always available and NEVER misses a deadline! They always seem to get the job done right!D.F. - Executive Producer - Software Developer
  • GameBeat’s work is top notch, but we expect that! They continue to exceed our expectations by producing sound effects for less than we could produce them in-house and by coming through for us when timelines are tight. They can work from our detailed specifications or improvise when we need them to be creative. I can tell that they really enjoy the work and that comes through in the results we see.G.N. - Senior Producer - Game Developer
  • Each job we have GameBeat do for us “Blows us away!”. You think they cannot get any better and they do. Mixing video and original music really sets us apart from our competitors and gives a “cool factor” with our hotel guests. I would suggest Darryl and his GameBeat team to anyone. They are truly professional and fun to work with.T. Nelson Sr. - President Kalahari Resort Hotels - Kalahari Resort
  • Darryl is very talented, very creative, very dependable, and a fun guy on top of everything else.Murray Allen - VP Post (Ret.) - Electronic Arts
  • The GameBeat team is nothing less than 100% professional. We had several modifications and changes on the design end and the GameBeat guys didn’t skip a beat. The deliverables were of the utmost quality and delivered ahead of schedule. Thanks GameBeat!!!Matt Mitchell - A/V Mgr. - Origin Systems
  • Gamebeat really came through for me. We needed over 200 sound effects for the Blue’s Clues Big Music Show game for the Playstation, and I needed them fast. GameBeat really delivered…a creative product and a totally professional approach….Thanks!Eddie Heidenreich - Audio Dir. - Terraglyph Interactive
  • I would describe GameBeat as an extremely professional outfit, and given that’s how we think of ourselves here at Blue Fang, that’s saying a lot. They delivered what was specified and did so on schedule. When we needed changes, and even modifications and new sounds that neither of us had anticipated, they got them to us without skipping a beat (no pun intended). We even used GameBeat for our own company logo animation sequence. They did a terrific job, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call them on our next project.Hank Howie - President - Blue Fang Games
  • Working with GameBeat was like working with an in-house audio engineer. Darryl and his team are a very professional and talented group. Their response time for sound requests was nothing short of spectacular. I would recommend their services and would certainly consider using them again.S. Serafino - Sr. Designer - Blue Fang Games
  • Wow, GameBeat’s music simply kicks major ass! No soft stuff here. The GameBeat staff are first rate pros. Darryl is simply unreal and in my opinion a true creative genious. EA really screwed up by letting him get away! Keep rocking GameBeat!Jeffrey Hargrove - Executive Producer - Slam Games, LLC
  • Truly speaking the language of sound and music is very difficult but it’s the only way to get what you want from an external sound/music contractor. GameBeat speaks the language. They understood and delivered beyond expectations for Ultima Online 3D. It was a very professional experience for us. Keep rockin GameBeat, you’re the best!S. Williams - Exec Prod - Kalisto Entertainment
  • We turned to GameBeat to bring added dimension and sophistication to our games. GameBeat grasped the concepts immediately and provided a range of sounds and mixes that soared above our expectations. Professional and refreshingly easy and fun to work with, GameBeat delivers! Thanks GameBeat!J. Larsen - Producer - 141
  • Gamebeat got the job done RIGHT, funky, and on time. They saved us MAJOR headaches on the DieHard Trilogy 2 project.Erick Dyke - President/CEO - n-Space
  • GameBeat’s broad creative leads and recommendations helped us tremendously in bringing a dreamers dreams to full expression. Our TV ad had precisely the audio we envisioned and we have to give all the credit to the crew at GameBeat. They seem to know exactly what we were thinking with each and every creative step. They are a pleasure to work with and we won’t work with anyone elseGwen C. James - President/CEO - Gareda Services
  • I had to get a classic, straight-ahead rock-and-roll song remixed to sound funky and modern and I only had a few days to do it. I sent the job to GameBeat and they delivered with fantastic and professional results. They took my music emergency and came through with flying colors.M. Farley - Audio Director - Electronic Arts
  • If you need killer music & sound effects development, Gamebeat is the team! We have worked with several different audio houses before we found GameBeat and never have we worked with a group more committed to customer satisfaction as the guys at GameBeat. They know their stuff and we’ll never use anyone else. They made our game sound awesome! THANKS GAMEBEAT!Rodney O'Brien - Project Mgr. - Injected Games