About: GameBeat Studios Culture

Our culture and office environment is what most would consider a dream job. We don’t believe work should be stressful in anyway. We are in the creative arts field and who can create effectively while under stress? So even if everyday duties or deadlines create a stressful situation, we handle it together. Creativity & Productivity is maximized when stress in minimized! We vow to simply respect and motivate each other and most of all have fun.

We arrive to work each day because we love what we do. Many people do music as a hobby after they get home from their 9 to 5 … we get to do it for a living … now how cool is that? Our office atmosphere is laid back yet highly productive, we are truly friends and we insist that anyone coming to work with us must truly become our friend as well. The criticism is always constructive and the practical jokes and pranks are pretty much constant. We have fun, but we also get the job DONE! Creativity is seeping out of the walls of this place and sometimes we have to mop it up!