Celebrating Music In Film at Sundance 2015

IMG_4072From January 23 – February 1, 2015 Gamebeat Studios is in Park City, UT at the Sundance 2015 Film Festival.

Sundance is first and foremost a venue for the best storytellers to share their vision with adventurous audiences. The films are dramatic, and you definitely won’t leave a showing without being moved emotionally.

We’ve had the great privilege of having some of our original songs placed in blockbuster motion pictures, so GameBeat Studios understands the power of music to create the ideal sonic atmosphere for any scene.

We spent our time with the movie music-makers and budding filmmakers here in Park City. The atmosphere is a little crazy, but if you were also at Sundance, lets meet up and chat about your experience.


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Darryl Duncan – Music & Sound Guru

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Composer/Arranger Darryl Duncan’s Chicago studio defies expectations, crosses over genres and above all keeps the music moving.

Let me tell you, Alan Menken’s got nothing on Darryl Duncan.  Sure, the composer’s catchy tunes have driven some of Disney’s biggest animated hits, but in his own way Duncan is right up there with him.  A versatile composer, arranger and musician – who also happens to be President and CEO of his own advertising music and sound shop, GameBeat Studios (www.gamebeatstudios.com)– Duncan understands there’s more to creating a memorable track than mastering beats.  For him, it’s as much about melody as anything else.

And interestingly, this appreciation for the subtle nuances of all kinds of musical styles and genres is what makes GameBeat’s work so adaptable.  Need an underscore for a comedy spot?  Duncan’s done that.  Need something cinematic, lush and orchestral?  He’s done that too.  Need an original song – something your brand can own?  He’s won trophies for those.

This ability to match his skills with whatever the job demands has helped him build some loyal relationships.  “We did a lot of work with Darryl,” says Debbie Amsden, former Head of Broadcast Production at Burrell who’s currently Senior Integrated Business Manager at Energy BBDO in Chicago.  “There were many opportunities to do demos, and Darryl always came through.  He was my go-to guy.”

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