Services: How We Work

Complete Advertising & Marketing Agency Support
GameBeat offers complete, music production services, custom jingles, audio branding and sound design services for the advertising industry. When you need something that will be memorable and catchy with or without lyrics, you will be amazed at what our team can create. We can take your general creative ideas and turn them into something your clients will absolutely marvel at. Remember, we’re not just “beat-makers”, we are accomplished songwriters and lyricists too. So no matter what the demographic you are trying to target, Our team will produce the ideal jingle to compliment an effective advertising or marketing campaign!

Exclusive Network of Stellar Talent
We do a great deal of our music production work with our versatile in-house musicians.  However, GameBeat maintains a large network of the most amazing musician and vocal talent in the Chicagoland area.   So while we may not have the in-house talent to play the “Scottish Bagpipe”, you can bet we have access to the hottest Bagpipe player in the Midwest, and the same goes for any instrument or vocal style.  So rest assured that your project will utilize the very best musical and vocal talent available.

We Lead or Assist
GameBeat is willing and able to take the lead and provide complete audio content development or we would be glad to simply assist an over burdened audio department, thus allowing your project to continue smoothly until it’s release!

We Get Involved
When possible, we usually like to visit our client’s development facilities, speak with the the projects key people and see first hand any screen shots, artwork, storyboards or animations in progress so that we can have a better understanding of the musical mood and audio environment you would like us to create.

Project Confidentiality
GameBeat would be glad to execute any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement presented by your company as it pertains to any project communications, ad campaigns, game concepts, storyboards, artwork, ideas or development plans provided to GameBeat by any representatives of the your company.

Quick Turnaround
Depending on the complexity of your needs and our schedule, we are often able to create and deliver your audio content very quickly, even complete musical compositions in just a few days.

F.A.S.T. Extranet (Final Asset Secure Transfer)
Depending on the size and complexity of the project, in many cases the final audio assets can be delivered via our exclusive F.A.S.T. Extranet service. Our new F.A.S.T. system will allow you to upload assets to GameBeat that we may need to begin development on your project. (i.e. Quicktimes, AVI Files, Graphics, Storyboard scans etc.). But even more importantly, our F.A.S.T. system allow us to deliver your final assets in a secure and fast manner. Not only final assets but we can upload, MP3 or .wav files of our work in progress, so you can hear what we are doing every step of the way if you like. As a client you will have your own User ID and password to access your area. It’s secure,simple to use, extremely convenient and it will allow your project to continue as if you had your own in house audio team!

Independent Un-Published developers
If you are a independent game developer with a hot title in development and you are shopping your game to a publisher, GameBeat may be interested in assisting you with your audio needs. We sometimes workout contractual arrangments where on a case by case basis in lieu of payment in full, we will consider partial payment with a combination of royalty proceeds from products sales once your game is published and released. (restrictions apply, please email us for more information)

E&O Coverage
GameBeat maintains a $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions professional liability insurance Policy with Lloyd’s of London. We never ever expect to need it becasue we are so very maticulous about everything we do, but our clients can rest assured knowing that we have such coverage if it is ever necessary.