Who we are

Darryl S. Duncan – Founder, Pres & CEO – Chief Composer

Darryl is a Writer / Producer originally from Chicago, IL. He has been involved in music since age nine. Once out of high school, he studied jazz piano, MIDI, and electronic music at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

Darryl moved to Los Angeles in 1986 after securing a major publishing contract with Almo-Irving Music Publishing Company. Immediately he began to gain considerable recognition for his songwriting, sound design and music production abilities.

After 5 years with Almo-Irving he signed on with Warner/Chappell Music in 1992. Darryl has written and/or produced for many music industry notables such as: Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Jeffrey Osborne, Shanice Wilson, Barry White,Young MC, Sharon Bryant, Dawnn Lewis, E.U., Elisa Fiorillo, Vesta, Keisha Jackson, Foster Sylvers, Howard Johnson, Karen White, O’Brien, Jerry Butler, and countless other recording artists. Darryl himself was also a solo artist on Motown in 1987.

Darryl also wrote & produced 7 of the 10 songs on R. Kelly’s first Album project. Darryl’s songs have been recorded on over 31 albums or motion pictures since 1987 including several charting singles and a number one record. Darryl has also written music for commercial product jingles for Toyota, Miller beer, BP/Amoco, McDonald’s, The Illinois State Lottery, Volkswagon, Wal-mart and Sears to name a few and has won industry awards for his songwriting abilities.

After many years of functioning as a successful music production company in Los Angeles and after having been the audio lead for some of Electronic Arts most successful video game titles, Darryl has formed his own trailblazing company called GameBeat Studios. After just 4 years of existence, GameBeat has become a recognized leader in the field and has already enjoyed amazing success as it continues to grow.

Darryl’s approach to GameBeat’s day to day operations is completely hands on. Nothing comes in or goes out without Darryl’s direct attention, review, inspection and approval. Darryl even speaks directly with all clients on each project to assure that all creative conversations are completely understood so that our work is 100% in line with what our clients need and expect. Darryl feels that with this level of customer service, attention to detail and quality control he can assure his clients that everything that GameBeat creates will meet or exceed their expectations every time. This way of doing business has obviously worked very well for GameBeat as their many glowing testimonials from advertising industry professionals will prove.

Ghennipher Weeks – VP Advertising & Promotions

Ghennipher_WeeksAs a former Director of Conversion Assessments for the consultancy, Future Now Inc. in the early 2000s, and an integrated agency principal for 6 years, Ghennipher built a track record of improving online results for clients.

Her client list includes: Dell Computers, Overstock.com, RADirect, WebEx, Alegis Group, Leo Schacter Diamonds, BuyTelCo, XGaming, Volvo Construction, Wells Fargo, and The Women’s Information Network.

For over 13 years, Ghennipher Weeks has worked with both large corporations and small businesses to close the gap between corporate cultures and consumer loyalty. This focus on customers has reaped benefits for companies such as, boosting website conversions, creating successful communities, and developing social media marketing systems.



Learn more about our key staff members below:

Terrance Kramer - SFX Designer/Composer/Keyboardist
Terrance Kramer Tarrance is a multi-talented composer and sound designer originally from the South Florida area. Tarrance’s talents are not only musical but he is also a skilled media developer. His experience ranges from the local theatre stage to the high-tech world of web design and 3D modelling. Schooled as a Visual Artist, he refuses to remain tied to one medium after working with GameBeat as an eager intern and learning the tricks of the trade from Darryl, in just 7 months time he earned a full-time position with the company. He has also taught himself a variety of other skill sets. His repertoire includes: Sound design, foley work, sound editing, surround mixing, music composition, sound development for film scoring and live performance, Theatre and Photography…whew! Tarrance joined GameBeat in August of 2001, adding on to the already excellent team that is GameBeat. He is excited to be a part of the GameBeat team and is looking forward to making his mark in this industry.
Rob Seifert - Mix Engineer & Sound Designer
Engineer/Producer/Sound Designer Rob Seifert, has recorded over 100 records and many jingles in his 15+ year career. His work has appeared in film and television projects as well. His skills are centered around ProTools systems and his unique ability to mix any style of music to sheer perfection. Rob’s personal arsenal of outboard mixing gear is world class and unmatched. His extensive knowledge of acoustic science and the art of mixing sets Rob in a rare class of engineer geniuses. Darryl has known Rob for Many years. Rob has engineered several of the album projects Darryl produced while he was a writer/producer in LA during the early nineties. After forming GameBeat Darryl realized he needed a master mix engineer, his old friend Rob was the obvious choice and Rob did not hesitate to answer the call. Rob is an intergral part of keeping all of GameBeat’s productions sounding the very best they can and we can’t imagine life without his golden ears!
Bruce Bush - Composer – Guitarist/Bassist
Bruce is a writer/producer and musician from the Chicago area. His love of music began early on when he began playing the guitar at the age of 11. He learned by listening to some of the most famous musicians in the business, his first being the legendary Jimi Hendrix. He later moved on to listening to the popular R&B groups during his early start and began to pick up on anything and everything. He was like a sponge, absorbing every note. He later moved on to the bass, where he credits his training to the late Joe B. Johnson. From there he moved on to the trumpet, drums, and keyboards and has been playing ever since. Bruce is a rare type of musician. He does not just play both bass and lead guitars, but he has truly mastered both of these instruments. To witness him play in his unique left hand style, is a treat to behold. He has also won awards from the American Musical Foundation and the Musician’s Institute. Bruce continues to write, produce and totally immerse himself in the art that he truly loves. When you hear the killer guitar and bass track on GameBeat’s productions, it’s none other than Mr. Bush locking down the groove.
Albert Morales - Drummer, Percussionist & Foley Engineer
Albert is the guy who hates computers – he just can’t stand them at all. But while he can’t differentiate between a mouse and a keyboard, he is a virtuoso at a mixing board and a master of the percussionary arts. Having been a drummer in numerous bands over the years, his finely-honed sense of rhythm and timing meshes incredibly well with the melodies and chord progressions of his co-conspirators, Darryl, Bruce and Rob. When he’s not lending his drumming talents to a particular track, he’s running the mixing board of others, tweaking and Eq-ing till there’s nothing but perfection in the final product. Albert has been with GameBeat since 1999, first as a session drummer, later on as full-time drummer and studio engineer. By looking at him, it’s hard to believe this guy has as much rhythm as he does.
Vince Nerey - Advertising & Promotions Associate
We welcome Vincent to the GameBeat family as our Vice President of Advertising & Promotions. Vincent brings an extensive background and lots of experience to the table as we look to broaden our reach in the advertising and interactive industries. Vincent has several years of marketing and promotions experience as he was the VP of Marketing at Mediatricks a California based Interactive developer. Vince will oversee GameBeat’s nationwide Marketing and promotional efforts and will report directly to Darryl Duncan. Welcome aboard Vince!