Two ProTools 128 track HD3 Accel digital multi track systems
Ableton Live, Reason, Intakt, Reaktor 5, Absynth 3.0, B3, Kontakt
Two Apple Macintoshs – MacPro 12 Core workstations
Two Windows Pentium 4 – 3.2Ghz Machines
Enough ProTools plug-ins to make anything sound like anything! Too many to list.
Four – 2 Terrabyte Cheeta 10,000 rpm Drives for ProTools & Two – 750 GB Utility drives, 4 1Terrabyte  FW Drives
One DLT 70GB Backup & Archive Drive
Iomega Rev BackUp Drives
Jaz Drive / Glyph CD Burner
Soundcraft 48 channel in line mixer for synths
TC Electronics – Gold Channel Mic PreAmp
Assorted Tube & Condenser Microphones
Opcodes Studio Vision
MOTU Digital Performer
Cubase VST
ReBirth & ACID
Bias Peak Audio Editor
Masterlist & Adaptec Toast CD Burning software
Event 20/20 Monitors
KRK RokIt 300 Watt Powered studio Monitors
1 Event 800W SubWoofer
Yamaha NS10 monitors
Rane 16 channel keyboardmixers (x2)
Panasonic 3700 DAT taperecorder
…and much more…
AKAI MPC4000 OSv1.71
NI Maschine Studio
NI Maschine MKII
NI Komplete 9 Ultimate
Yamaha Motif ES7
Roland Fantom 8
Roland XV-5080, 128 voice Synth Module
Kurzweil 2500RS
Korg Triton Rack
Virus TD Manalog synth
Yamaha RM1X
EMU Vintage Keys
EMU Orbit
EMU Planet Phatt
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Roland-U220, U110, S770, S330, JD800, D70 & MKS50
Ensoniq SD-1
Sequential Circuits Pro1
Korg EX800
Akai MPC60-Modified
Roland R8 Drum Machine
Korg S3 Drum Machine
EMU SP-12 Drum Machine Sampler
Sample & Loop CDs (too many to mention)
Yamaha TX816-DX Rack
Digitech VH1 Vocoder,Oberheim Strummer, Snarling Dog Wah-Wah Pedal, Boss Envelop filters,Digitech Talker Vocoder box
…and several other funky toys to make the noise!
  Sound FX
Sound Ideas – The General 6000 CD sound effects library
Sound Ideas – The General Extension sound effects library
Wild World of Animals
Nightgale Voice Box – Vocal SFX Library
Hollywood Edge – Motion Picture Library
Warner Brothers – Sound Effects library
Concept FX sound effects library
Portable DAT recorders and shot gun mics for live “on-location” sound effect recording
Symphony of Voices – Vocal Library